Root Canal Therapy
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Root canal treatment is also known as endodontic therapy which is a dental procedure where the dental pulp is extracted from the tooth. As a specialty in Endodontics and one of the branches of dentistry, removing the pulp as a specialized procedure is done by an endodontist. With experience and skill, an endodontist restores the original tooth by treating a root canal problem. As a soft tissue, the dental pulp is located in the centre of the tooth and is comprised of lymph and blood vessels which also includes the nerve system.

In case of injury, fracture or a cavity which is deep or diseased, the pulp gets affected and dies as it is exposed to bacteria. The endodontist shapes, cleans and sterilizes the affected area besides removing the pulp which would be inflamed. Gutta percha and a dental sealer are filled into the cavity so that the infection is arrested. The endodontist also does a restoration which is complex in nature or places a crown so that the tooth is protected.

As there would be dental problems due to loss of a tooth or teeth, it is necessary to retain the remaining original teeth. Root canal therapy with its benefits helps in keeping the tooth or teeth intact as extraction causes TMJ or temporomandibular pain, bite problems, dental treatment for adjacent or the surrounding teeth and teeth that move or drift.
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