Gum Therapy
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Healthy gums are the foundation for strong and healthy teeth. Gum care is as important as caring for the teeth since the gums can get infected and be affected by food debris and tartar. Bleeding and inflamed gums lead to loose teeth and eventually to loss of teeth. Performing regular gum care by professional cleaning and flossing is essential for healthy teeth.

Harsh techniques of brushing and too frequent or too few brushing can grossly affect the gum health.

Gums can also be affected by diseases like diabetes, hypertension, kidney disorders and poisoning and could be markers for the onset of the same.They are also considered to be integrated with heart diseases and joint diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. We used advanced technology like lasers to make the gum treatment fast, effective, painless with minimal bleeding and quick healing. Consult our experts at Medica today to have healthy gums and healthy body!